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M.A.V. Engineering Srl, in addition to producing and designing its machines, is representative of some of the best brands of machines for the food industry on the market. Some brands are treated exclusively on the entire Italian territory, the other depending on the region. We also deal in the sale and installation of these outside national borders.

In this case we set ourselves as a partner of the customer, and shake a partnership sales and after-sales services in accordance with the parent.

As for the machines designed and produced directly by MAV we are unique ditributori, our machines look no further, because there are no authorized dealers.

Each machine sold by M.A.V. Engineering Srl, both belonging to third-party trademarks, that their machines, obviously the service delivery, first installation and verification of on-line operation.

The real added value of our company is to pay the scheduled maintenance or care, in response times fast or reasonable. Follow the customer in the after-sales service is our duty and pleasure at the same time, knowing that this attitude leads to better efficiency of production.

If you have already purchased from us machines, please contact us for the details of your model for the scheduled maintenance.

M.A.V. Engineering is able to plan food machines to suit the client.

The first approach is to test whether a model that can fit on sale to the production requirements of the requesting company. However, when requests specific machining move away from the models on sale, our technical department is able to plan dedicated machines, starting from scratch or from templates property itself MAV



  1. customer inspection
  2. Meeting with the client to collect information: requirements, production steps, production time and budget.
  3. PRE-machine ad hoc Planning
  4. Planned expenditures, and evaluation with cient
  5. if accepted, engineering, mechanical, electrical
  6. realization
  7. Test and Safety
  8. Try customer
  9. Delivery and put into production at the site


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