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History of an Italian company

MAV Engineering was founded in the late '70s and early' 80s, a time when the Italian food industry went from artisanal to industrial, without loss of quality but with the advantages of a national distribution of regional / provincial, the increase of control and quality.

In fact, in those years, from rural productions and crafts, infant industries, require new production and distribution processes especially for the need to process and package in a healthy and conservative meat, ready to face the desks of the first Italian supermarkets, throughout the national territory.

To meet these needs is founded MAV Engineering, with the intent to create, design, manufacture and servicing the machines that will take care of the new trends in the food market.

The company is situated in the heart of Brianza, near Monza, the area where you will claim in those decades food brands renowned throughout Italy as Rovagnati, Vismara, Montana. But most of the brands of big production, initially the Mav focuses on those small companies that rank among the industrial and handicraft.


In the 2000s the MAV is a company that combines a family tradition to an efficiency and its technical design of the modern enterprise. Deals with the design, production and even marketing of machines and plants.

Today MAV is also agent of some of the most important companies Metalbud-NOWICKI. In fact, the customer care procurement, the first contact, the inspection and analysis of the production processes, to better advise the customer.

The after-sales service is increasingly important also in the field of marketing, where MAV deals with various consumer products such as cords and clips.

Thanks to all this experience, the future goal is to conquer markets outside the border as France and Germany and emerging countries of the new Europe as the Eastern European countries.


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